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dozer moderator/admin app part2


 moderatior/admin application

ingame-name: dozer
real name: teemu
timezone: finland
im good admin/moderator because

I know a lot about this server

I have experience in admin work

 I am an active player
 I am a sociable

I'm Always online from now on

I'm friendly to all and respect for each

I also noticed that the staff is not online that much and the players need assistance in any given permission, which requires admin / mod

  u ask i think ?Have you ever been Staff another server? I have been in two different admin server and 2 moderator
What makes you stand out from other people? imma helpfyl,happy,frendly

Another try:
Good application. I see you online frequently and you are very nice to the staff members and players. Goodluck!


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