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Staff Application Form / Lemon's Staff Application
« on: March 11, 2014, 03:53:53 pm »
Username: Lemon
Reason: I'd like to become a moderator mainly because I like to help out newcomers and even veterans with bossing and such. People will know who to talk to when in need of help if they know that I'm part of the staff.
Date/time: 4:47,  3/11/14
Skills: I like to help players as mentioned earlier and I'm also very active. Most of the time I'm the only one on and when a new player comes on, I'd try to make their stay worthwhile and convince them to stay by helping them. I'd like to say that I'm very friendly and again a very, very active player.  ;D

Guides / Re: Drop Guide.
« on: March 11, 2014, 12:59:43 pm »
Also add slash bash drops.. they drop rock shell armour

Guides / Re: Drop Guide.
« on: March 09, 2014, 02:21:53 pm »
Sweet guide!

Feedback / My Suggestions!!
« on: March 09, 2014, 01:40:46 pm »
These are some of my suggestions..

Items I'd want to be put in-game:
Legendary Cape: a bit better than fire cape but extremely rare.
Dragon Dagger: should pack a punch and also should be a rare drop.

There are no rings in shops so I'd like that to be put in there. Alching runes should also be available since it's annoying to keep buying only one alch per purchase on the quest tab. Also the skilling shop cannot be accessed. I can't level other skills because of this :S

Keeping 3 items in death (PVM)
So far I've lost a bandos set, saradomin sword, and many other things because of disconnection and also because of deaths. It would be cool if i could keep 3 items since I'd be able to keep some valuables.

Ghost (::Rares)
Just for the heck of it, it would be nice to see stats like kill count and also recent drops and maybe lamp count drop.

I've played a similar server to this one and i'd have to say that those achievements helped liven things up. It's always fun to chase after goals even when you've attained every item or so. Those achievements can be put as titles to let people know you've achieved this and that..

Make use of some skills..
Crafting, fletching, mining and many other skills should be good for profit. It will make those skills seem useful instead of them being there just for show. Prayer should also be useful. Make it so that players can use soul split or any other types of prayers.

There are only two big fishes in the game that I know of: Slash Bash and Tupac Lover. Would be nice if there were more bosses. Also potions and herblore items should be one of the boss drops.

PVP Rewards/Points
The amount of points seem way too high. Considering that there are only around 1-4 players playing regularly, I'd say that it'll take an unreasonable amount of time to earn so and so points.. Would be great if it is reduced.

Voting Rewards
There should be voting rewards that give items such as coins, potions, voting points or whatever. It will encourage people to vote since there's a reward.

I'll add a few more as I progress further .. I'm really addicted :P

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