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Price Guide


Only follow this price guide..

angers sword- 20b-25b
anger mace- 10b-15b
anger battle axe- 8b-10b
anger spear- 4b-7b
All godswords- 35m-50m

Spined helm- 10b-12b
Spined top- 10b-12b
Spined chaps- 10b-12b
spined gloves 15b-20b
Crystal shield- 25b-30b
Bandos boots- 400m-600m
Bandos chestplate- 1b-1.3b
Bandos tasset- 700m-1b
Fire cape- 10b-15b
Beserker ring- 5b-7b
onyx necklace- 15-20b

All party hats- 200m-250m
H'ween masks- 300m-350m
Dark Dagger- 1b
scythe- 10m
monkey gree gree- 10m
Basket of eggs- 500m-600m

Kalphite queen drops:
Christmas 05 hats- 300m-500m
Christmas 05 scarfs- 1-2b
Berets- 100m-200m
saradomin armour pieces- 50m ea
zamorak armour pieces- 50m ea

Enchanted pieces- 100m ea
All barrows pieces- 500m ea
White Armour pieces- 50b ea
Pumpkin- 3m-5m ea
skeletal pieces- 15b ea
god capes - 15b-20b ea
elegant clothing- 100m a piece
Crystal bow- 30b-40b

All lottery sets- 100m-200m

Is Chompy Bird Hat worth anything, because KQ gives heaps of extremely random drops. so i random i got a druid pouch...

iTs meDaniel:
Thank you for this :) How much is it for armadyl armour?

Nice price guide!

Definitely a big help with the price guide. Looking for more to come, especially when I am able to get-on in-game.


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