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Guide to making money


Another try:
Money Making Guide!

To start off, I will list 2 methods of making money. These particular methods will consist of combat and skilling money making.

Monster fighting - level 1+
To start off, type ::shops to go to the shops to buy better items. To start off, go to the pure store and buy an abyssal whip, fighter torso, and barrow gloves. Once you are able to equip these items, do so. Next, type in ::rares. This will give you an opportunity to train and make money at the same time. Start off with training your strength level. Once your strength level is 60, start training attack. Once you are level 70 in attack, equip the abyssal whip. Start training your defense to level 60 so you have a higher chance of not dying. Keep killing the monsters until you are level 100. Until then, keep killing the monsters for rare items. From my perspective, I have noticed a 1/50 drop rate chance for a rare item.

Skilling ----> ADDING SOON <----


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