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Author Topic: Donation Info (Must Read)  (Read 202 times)


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Donation Info (Must Read)
« on: January 31, 2014, 07:12:03 pm »
Welcome to the donation thread! Hopefully your here to donate to keep the server running!
If you wanting to donate just follow these step by step guide to show you on how to donate to me.
[size=24]Here are the steps:[/size]

[size=18]Donation Status: ONLINE[/size]

Send money as GIFT to(Picture Exmaple Included): Jakeyyvlogs@gmail.com

~ The donation will very, the price and/or products list will be uploaded soon.
~ You may only donate with YOUR own paypal. Failure to do so, will result in a lost of privilege from donating any further.
~ No chargebacks, otherwise immediately IPBanned. Non appeal-able
~ You can only donate to "Jacob" which is me.
~ When donated, you will not get the item right away. Remember i'm a human being, i'm busy most of the time.
~ Donators have the same right of a regular player does to follow the rules.
~ NO REFUNDS, so think twice before donating.
~ You must agree to the policy above in order to donate.
~ I only accept PAYPAL transactions at the moment, thank you for your understandings.
~ To make no mistakes while donating, COPY & PASTE always.  :D

Please use the donation format below in order to have a valid purchase. Failure to do so, will process will not go any further.

Chosen Items:
Screenshot of receipt (Optional):

Screen shotting the receipt will make the process much quicker, this is recommended but not required.

P.S i also have a **** on my head
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